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Articles by Henry I. Miller M.D.

Title Publication Date
Is Biden Presidential Material? Inside Sources July 11, 2024
Viewpoint: Rising drug prices and shortages now fueled in part by the very reform mechanism intended to curtail them Genetic Literacy Project July 9, 2024
'Guns Versus Butter' Is Passé; Now It's 'Guns Versus Virtue' American Council on Science & Health July 9, 2024
Will Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Mental Health Care? Orange County Register July 9, 2024
COVID Censorship? NO! You Can't Sue the Biden Administration for Social Media Censorship American Council on Science & Health July 5, 2024
FDA's Failures in the Infant Formula Debacle Cry Out for Reform Genetic Literacy Project July 1, 2024
What are the prospects for developing a COVID vaccine against all strains and future pandemics? Genetic Literacy Project June 27, 2024
'Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.' –Mark Twain American Council on Science & Health June 25, 2024
Pinocchio Would Be Proud: The Growing Tide of Vaccine Myths and Other 'Scam Science' American Council on Science & Health June 24, 2024
The WNBA: Women Not Behaving Admirably Issues & Insights June 19, 2024
Obtaining Dangerous Pathogens Is Too Easy DC Journal (Inside Sources) June 17, 2024
How Anti-Vaccine Kooks And Quacks Lie To You American Council on Science & Health June 11, 2024
The Escalating Arms Race Between Viruses And Humans: Why A 'Universal' Coronavirus Vaccine Is So Critical Genetic Literacy Project June 4, 2024
We Risk A Pandemic If We Don't Do More to Monitor the Spread of H5N1 Avian Flu American Council on Science & Health June 4, 2024
Let's Make the Next Biotech Revolution an American One DC Journal (Inside Sources) May 31, 2024
We Urgently Need More Organs For Transplantation American Council on Science & Health May 14, 2024
California Legislators Misunderstand Basic Economics. Taxpayers Will Pay the Price. Orange County Register May 13, 2024
Banning Safe Pesticides Is Bad Policy and Harmful to Farmers Washington Examiner May 9, 2024
X, Y, Sex and Gender: When Genetics Pulls a Fast One Genetic Literacy Project May 8, 2024
In the Escalating Arms Race Between Viruses and Humans, New COVID Vaccines Are Critical American Council on Science & Health May 7, 2024
Avian Flu Virus Is Spreading and Has Been Found In Raw Milk from Infected Cows. Should We Be Concerned? American Council on Science & Health April 30, 2024
Israel Has Chosen The Least Bad Of Bad Alternatives Issues & Insights April 29, 2024
Science Creep Is A Menace American Council on Science & Health April 23, 2024
Earth Day 2024 is a mix of woke and political correctness, so the Earth gets a raw deal Fox News April 22, 2024
Drug Shortages Plague Patients. There's A Solution. Washington Examiner April 21, 2024
The Future of America's Energy Transition Wall Street Journal April 16, 2024
Got Healthy Bones? A New Test Can Answer That! DC Journal (Inside Sources) April 12, 2024
A groundbreaking pineapple-flavored spray vaccine could prevent urinary tract infections for up to 9 years Genetic Literacy Project April 10, 2024
Should Med Schools Strive to Produce Competent Physicians or Social Activists? American Council on Science & Health April 9, 2024
Biden's Electric Vehicle Taxpayer Rip-Off Washington Examiner April 9, 2024
Global Shading: Reducing Global Warming Using Arrays of High-Altitude Balloons Real Clear Energy April 2, 2024
The EU Continues Its Unscientific, Anti-Innovation Policymaking European Scientist March 27, 2024
Long COVID Fatigue: The Unwelcome Gift That Keeps On Giving American Council on Science & Health March 26, 2024
'Count Your Children After the Measles Has Passed' American Council on Science & Health March 25, 2024
Viral Diseases: What You Need To Know American Council on Science & Health March 20, 2024
Does the Government Have a Role in Combating Vaccine Misinformation? DC Journal (Inside Sources) March 14, 2024
Tales from the front lines in the 'vaccine wars': Review of Peter Hotez's Book, 'The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science' Genetic Literacy Project March 13, 2024
A New Drug Offers Hope For A Common, Life-Threatening Liver Disease American Council on Science & Health March 12, 2024
'Oppenheimer,' the Manhattan Project, and Me DC Journal (Inside Sources) March 7, 2024
Don't Underestimate The Economic Benefits Of The COVID Vaccines American Council on Science & Health March 5, 2024
The Validity of Much of Published Scientific Research is Questionable (Part 2) American Council on Science & Health February 28, 2024
Science Creep Is A Menace Washington Examiner February 26, 2024
AI already plays a vital role in medical imaging and is effectively regulated The Hill February 23, 2024
The Clash Between the First Amendment, Social Media, and "Anti-Vax-Misinformation" (Part 2) American Council on Science & Health February 22, 2024
The Validity Of Much Published Scientific Research Is Questionable (Part 1) American Council on Science & Health February 20, 2024
Russia is waging a shadowy disinformation war against the United States and its allies Genetic Literacy Project February 20, 2024
DEI Overpromised, Under Delivered, Ran Amok Issues & Insights February 14, 2024
FAA's Diversity Push Will Impair Efficiency and Endanger Public Safety Inside Sources February 13, 2024
Are We On The Cusp Of Historic Medical Technologies? (Part 2) American Council on Science & Health February 13, 2024
The Promise Of 'Universal' COVID Vaccines American Council on Science & Health February 8, 2024
Are We On The Cusp Of Historic Medical Technologies? Part 1 American Council on Science & Health February 6, 2024
The Media and I: Avian Flu American Council on Science & Health February 1, 2024
A case study of flawed science: How venal organic advocates massage data from meta-studies to promote their ideological agenda Genetic Literacy Project January 31, 2024
America's Exploding Vaccination Crisis American Council on Science & Health January 30, 2024
Plastic pollution: Could genetically engineered bacteria be the solution? Washington Examiner January 30, 2024
Why is trust in scientific research at an all time low? Part 1 Genetic Literacy Project January 29, 2024
We can genetically engineer soil microbiomes to reduce use of synthetic fertilizers and improve yields Genetic Literacy Project January 25, 2024
America's Exploding Vaccination Crisis South Florida Sun-Sentinel January 23, 2024
How the FDA decimated the entire biotech sector of genetically engineered animals — and what needs to be done to revive it Genetic Literacy Project January 17, 2024
Rebuttal To A Scurrilous, Uninformed Attack American Council on Science & Health January 16, 2024
Regulatory death march: As the avian flu crosses the species barrier and targets animals and humans, a gene editing solution is in sight Genetic Literacy Project January 15, 2024
We Are Falling Short On COVID Prevention -- And Suffering The Consequences American Council on Science & Health January 9, 2024
The Media and I: Real Clear Health's Discussion of the 'Value, Science, & Policies' of Vaccines American Council on Science & Health January 5, 2024
Another lesson from the news coverage of COVID: How poorly-written headlines can adversely impact the lives of readers Genetic Literacy Project January 4, 2024
Are You Ready To Be An Airplane Vigilante? American Council on Science & Health January 2, 2024
We Are On The Cusp Of Historic Medical Breakthroughs Washington Examiner December 31, 2023
Do Texas' Politicians Hate Texans? Issues & Insights December 22, 2023
'Holiday Heart Syndrome' Can Make the Season One You Won't Want to Remember DC Journal (Inside Sources) December 18, 2023
Seasonal Respiratory Viruses Are Alive And Well. It's Smart To Take Precautions. American Council on Science & Health December 12, 2023
Restore Universities' Traditional Values By Withholding Philanthropy Washington Examiner December 8, 2023
COVID Vaccines in Pregnancy Lower the Risk of Neonatal Complications American Council on Science & Health December 6, 2023
Unwise Provisions In The HHS Funding Bill Will Hamper Critical Research American Council on Science & Health November 28, 2023
Gain-Of-Function Restrictions In HHS Funding Bill Will Hamper Research Washington Examiner November 21, 2023
Israel's 'Trophy' Tank Protection System Takes The Prize Issues & Insights November 21, 2023
The New Potemkin Village Is in San Francisco Wall Street Journal November 17, 2023
A revolutionary new CRISPR treatment for sickle cell anemia may be imminent Big Think November 13, 2023
Activists Falsely Claim Bill Gates Orchestrated Flare-Up In Malaria Cases So He Can 'Cash In' On Eradicating It Genetic Literacy Project November 12, 2023
Myopic Public Policy Makes Us Poorer And Our Lives Less Pleasant Issues & Insights November 9, 2023
COVID Vaccines in Pregnancy Lower the Risk of Neonatal Complications Inside Sources November 8, 2023
It's no longer 'guns or butter.' Now, it's 'guns or virtue signaling.' Washington Examiner November 7, 2023
Why worthless drugs sometimes seem to work—What we can learn from the FDA's withdrawal of the decongestant phenylephrine American Council on Science & Health October 31, 2023
Human Insulin, FDA, And The Bureaucrat's Mindset American Council on Science & Health October 26, 2023
Activist-inspired virtue-signaling is not so virtuous after all Washington Examiner October 23, 2023
The Holy Grail: A 'Universal' Flu Vaccine American Council on Science & Health October 19, 2023
We Can Reduce The Use Of Synthetic Fertilizers While Improving Yields American Council on Science & Health October 17, 2023
COVID Vaccine Misinformation From Another Armchair Expert American Council on Science & Health October 12, 2023
Wake Up, America -- Our Climate Policies Are A Catastrophe In The Making American Council on Science & Health October 10, 2023
State Legislators' Pestilential Pesticide Regulation Issues & Insights October 10, 2023
Drug Shortages Plague Doctors And Patients. There's A Straightforward Policy Solution. American Council on Science & Health October 9, 2023
New York Farmers' Futures Depend On A Single Hochul Decision New York Post October 4, 2023
Why Worthless Drugs Sometimes Seem to Work Washington Examiner October 4, 2023
The Inhibition of Innovation Regulation October 4, 2023
COVID Vaccine Misinformation From Another Armchair Expert South Florida Sun Sentinel October 2, 2023
What Doctors Wish Patients Knew About Flu Vaccines Inside Sources September 27, 2023
Good News About This Season's Flu Vaccines American Council on Science & Health September 27, 2023
Following The Data: Newest COVID Vaccination Recommendations American Council on Science & Health September 19, 2023
How Legislators Accelerate COVID Cases, Hospitalizations, And Deaths American Council on Science & Health September 19, 2023
Bye, DEI. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Washington Examiner September 18, 2023
Laws Based On Rapid Drug Tests Are Unscientific And Unfair Law360 September 13, 2023
Mask Up Again? As COVID Cases Rise, Look To Science And Not Pundits or Politicians American Council on Science & Health September 7, 2023
FDA's Tobacco Policy Is In Disarray American Council on Science & Health September 2, 2023
Requirement for DEI Statements Should Be Abolished American Council on Science & Health August 24, 2023
The Brave New World Of AI, From Shoe Design to Colonoscopies American Council on Science & Health August 22, 2023
Wake up, America: Our climate policies are a catastrophe in the making Washington Examiner August 16, 2023
A New COVID Surge Has Begun. The Timing Is Bad. American Council on Science & Health August 10, 2023
Are We Facing Another Coronavirus-Like Viral Pandemic? American Council on Science & Health August 8, 2023
Florida And Texas Are Reporting Locally Acquired Cases Of Malaria American Council on Science & Health August 3, 2023
The Problem with 'Do Something Syndrome' Washington Examiner August 2, 2023
The Decision To Drop Atomic Bombs on Japan in 1945 Was A Strategic and Moral Imperative American Council on Science & Health August 1, 2023
'To Mask or Not to Mask?' In Healthcare Facilities Should No Longer Be Debated American Council on Science & Health July 27, 2023
Should you get COVID and flu shots together? American Council on Science & Health July 20, 2023
UCLA's '3 Wishes Program' Captures the True Meaning of Serving Patients American Council on Science & Health July 18, 2023
Activist Vandana Shiva Is A Mortal Threat To the Most Vulnerable American Council on Science & Health July 14, 2023
Conspiracy Theories Unneeded in Explaining Locally Caught Cases of Malaria South Florida Sun Sentinel July 14, 2023
My Initiation Into The Brave New World Of AI-Assisted Medicine Inside Sources July 11, 2023
What's Driving the Fear-and-Smear Campaign Against Genetic Engineering? (Spoiler Alert: In Part, Russia and Its American 'Useful Idiots'.) American Council on Science & Health July 11, 2023
A Baker's Dozen Ways To Become Your Doctor's Favorite Patient American Council on Science & Health July 5, 2023
Race-based admission to medical schools was dangerous. Good riddance. Washington Examiner July 2, 2023
Regulators Should Embrace Vatican's Endorsement Of Genetic Engineering American Council on Science & Health June 29, 2023
Russia's Secret 'War Against the West': Propaganda Targeting Vaccines and Genetically Engineered Crops American Council on Science & Health June 22, 2023
Welcome To The Age Of Chatbots -- AKA The Information Hellscape American Council on Science & Health June 20, 2023
Regulation of Molecular Genetic Engineering Must Be Evidence-Based European Scientist June 17, 2023
Does the 14th Amendment Permit You to Spread an Infectious Disease? Inside Sources June 14, 2023
First FDA-approved RSV vaccines prevent serious respiratory infections in older adults American Council on Science & Health June 13, 2023
The 'Thin White Line' That Protects Your Dental Health Mace Magazine June 8, 2023
The Birds and Bees Protection Act Would Bring Costly 'Derogation Drama' to New York American Council on Science & Health June 8, 2023
Dental Health: Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is American Council on Science & Health June 6, 2023
Summer Can Be Bad for Your Teeth Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 3, 2023
FDA's Distorted Priorities Are Costly Washington Examiner June 2, 2023
EPA Shows Again It's the Worst Regulatory Agency in the History of the World American Council on Science & Health June 1, 2023
RSV vaccine breakthrough prevents respiratory infections that pose serious hazards to older adults Genetic Literacy Project May 31, 2023
Many Of Our Elected Officials Are Unfit To Serve -- Medical Problems Are Sometimes The Cause. Issues & Insights May 25, 2023
FDA's 'Accelerated Approval' Pathway for Drugs Is Important but Imperfect American Council on Science & Health May 25, 2023
Pharmacy shelves are bare of many critical drugs, frustrating doctors and endangering patients. There's a straightforward policy solution. American Council on Science & Health May 23, 2023
The EPA uses shoddy science and the courts to drive activist regulation Washington Examiner May 19, 2023
A Critical But Neglected Aspect Of The Pandemic: Long COVID American Council on Science & Health May 16, 2023
Cybersecurity in Health Care: Critical to Patients, Medical Providers American Council on Science & Health May 11, 2023
Mandatory DEI Statements At Universities: They're Distasteful, But Are They Legal? Issues & Insights May 10, 2023
Dogs to Sniff Out COVID Infections? Hey, I'll Bite! Inside Sources May 8, 2023
Florida's Surgeon General is a menace to the state's citizens South Florida Sun Sentinel May 4, 2023
High-Tech Medicine And Dentistry Get The Headlines But Low-Tech Innovations Can Save Lives And Cut Healthcare Costs American Council on Science & Health May 4, 2023
FDA's 'accelerated approval' pathway for drugs is important but imperfect Washington Examiner May 3, 2023
COVID is Worse Than the Flu. Much Worse. American Council on Science & Health May 2, 2023
Charles III Might Be King, but He's Still the Dunce of Wales to Me American Council on Science & Health April 27, 2023
Genetically engineered crops are key to sustainable farming, so why are some scientists afraid to talk about them? American Council on Science & Health April 25, 2023
Joseph Ladapo, Florida's conspiracy-promoting, vaccine-rejecting surgeon general, is a public menace Genetic Literacy Project April 25, 2023
Earth Day Has Become Polluted by Ignorance and Political Correctness American Council on Science and Health April 20, 2023
The FDA Needs Bold Reforms Instead Of Kicking The Can Down The Road Issues & Insights April 19, 2023
Can U.S. M1 Tanks Make A Difference In Ukraine? Issues & Insights April 18, 2023
'Notable Articles' of 2022 in the New England Journal of Medicine American Council on Science and Health April 18, 2023
The Conundrums Of Prostate Cancer American Council on Science & Health April 13, 2023
Medical scribes can improve patient care and prevent physician burnout American Council on Science & Health April 11, 2023
Climate Policies Range from Inanity to Insanity Washington Examiner April 10, 2023
Welcome to the Information Hellscape Washington Examiner April 6, 2023
10 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Profoundly Affect Our Lives American Council on Science and Health April 6, 2023
Norman Borlaug, 'Father of the Green Revolution,' Was Remarkable in Many Ways American Council on Science & Health April 6, 2023
Cybersecurity in Health Care Must Be a Shared Responsibility Real Clear Health April 3, 2023
Celebrating Norman Borlaug: He Was Always Ahead Of His Time American Council on Science & Health March 30, 2023
Not out of the woods on COVID threats: Animal reservoirs of SARS-CoV-2 pose unknown risks to humans Genetic Literacy Project March 29, 2023
Are 'Universal' COVID Vaccines In Our Future? American Council on Science & Health March 27, 2023
The Scourge Of Long COVID – And A Drug To Prevent It American Council on Science & Health March 23, 2023
A Candidate for the 'Terrible-Legislation Hall of Fame' American Council on Science & Health March 21, 2023
Woke policies are a path to societal mediocrity — or worse Washington Examiner March 15, 2023
Do Masks Prevent COVID? (Spoiler Alert: Of course, They Do.) American Council on Science & Health March 14, 2023
Engineering Efficiency City Journal March 13, 2023
Death By Dietary Supplement American Council on Science & Health March 9, 2023
Americans' Quest for 'Authenticity' Is Often Ill-Informed (Part 2) American Council on Science & Health March 7, 2023
A simple way to mitigate doctor burnout Washington Examiner March 5, 2023
Making Cancer Treatment Smarter: A Process of Incremental Improvements American Council on Science & Health March 3, 2023
Do Masks Prevent COVID? Issues & Insights March 2, 2023
Americans' Quest for 'Authenticity' Is Often Ill-Informed (Part 1) American Council on Science & Health February 28, 2023
Why 'The Right Not To Be Offended' Is Offensive Issues & Insights February 25, 2023
Personalized Cancer Therapy Continues to Make Important Advances American Council on Science & Health February 21, 2023
The newest and best COVID treatment is the one you can't get Washington Examiner February 20, 2023
How Biotechnology Overregulation Harms Farmers, Boosts Food Costs and Fuels Inflation American Council on Science & Health February 18, 2023
Genetic Engineering Critic Vandana Shiva's Anti-Modernity Crusade Threatens the World's Poor American Council on Science & Health February 16, 2023
We Urgently Need New Approaches to Obtaining Organs for Transplantation American Council on Science & Health February 14, 2023
Don't Be Bamboozled by Fake Medical Claims American Council on Science & Health February 7, 2023
As COVID Infections Continue, Long COVID Numbers Rise — There Are Serious Implications Issues & Insights February 2, 2023
Clinical Trials That Will Shape Medicine in 2023 American Council on Science & Health February 2, 2023
How Scientific Is 'Peer-Reviewed' Science? American Council on Science & Health January 31, 2023
Not Seeing Clearly City Journal January 28, 2023
'Equity' Is Not The Same As Fairness Issues & Insights January 26, 2023
As COVID Infections Continue, Long COVID Numbers Rise American Council on Science & Health January 26, 2023
Drug Shortages Are A Problem For Physicians And Patients. There's A Solution. American Council on Science & Health January 24, 2023
Will the Biden Administration's Attempt to Boost the 'Bioeconomy' Do the Opposite? American Council on Science & Health January 20, 2023
A Real-Life Hallmark Movie Moment Sonoma Index-Tribune January 19, 2023
How the Feds Froze Out a High-Tech Frost Fix American Council on Science & Health January 19, 2023
Stanford University's Fickle Commitment To Science, Part 2 American Council on Science & Health January 17, 2023
Making Cancer Treatment Smarter Inside Sources January 17, 2023
Biopharming Has a Tough Row to Hoe Regulation January 16, 2023
COVID's Toll Continues to Rise, But Americans Aren't Taking It Seriously American Council on Science & Health January 13, 2023
XBB.1.5 spreading rapidly through the US: Why the coronavirus continues to confound scientists and public health officials Genetic Literacy Project January 10, 2023
Stanford University's Fickle Commitment to Science (Part 1) American Council on Science & Health January 9, 2023
"Holiday Heart" Can Make a Celebration One You Don't Want to Remember American Council on Science & Health January 6, 2023
With new Alzheimer's drug, Biden FDA is not following the science Washington Examiner January 4, 2023
From Years of Drought in the West to Water, Water, Everywhere? We can do it -- with Interstate Pipelines. American Council on Science & Health January 3, 2023
New Age Idols (No, Not Taylor Swift) Issues & Insights December 28, 2022
When and How to Be an Airplane Vigilante Inside Sources December 13, 2022
"Statistical Murder"? City Journal December 1, 2022
'IED' Explodes On MIT's Campus Issues & Insights November 17, 2022
Are Americans too complacent about a winter surge of COVID infections — and deaths? Genetic Literacy Project November 15, 2022
The ABC's Of G-R-E-E-N Issues & Insights November 14, 2022
Human insulin saga: Anomalous, successful 40-year history of the first genetically-modified medicine underscores how regulators can scuttle innovation Genetic Literacy Project October 27, 2022
A Nuclear Meltdown at the New York Times Issues & Insights October 27, 2022
The scourge of long COVID and how to avoid it Orange County Register October 25, 2022
A Biotech Bureaucratic Bonanza City Journal October 13, 2022
King Charles' resistance to crop biotechnology has been a royal pain. Can the former 'Dunce of Wales' shuck organic propaganda and embrace sustainable agriculture? Genetic Literacy Project October 11, 2022
Columnist Has a Nuclear Meltdown Inside Sources October 7, 2022
Does Nuclear Power Deserve a Bad Rap? New York Times October 1, 2022
We Are Squandering A Fortune On Climate Fixes Doomed To Fail Issues & Insights September 29, 2022
A Tale of Queen Elizabeth as a Spirited, Young Princess Wall Street Journal September 18, 2022
The FDA tasks the Reagan-Udall Foundation with a whitewash review Washington Examiner September 17, 2022
A Reflection From When Queen Elizabeth II Was A Child Bristol Herald Courier September 15, 2022
Defying Markets to Promote Organics City Journal September 12, 2022
The FDA and Death by Dietary Supplement Inside Sources September 5, 2022
The Climate Catastrophe: Is There a Different Approach? Real Clear Science September 5, 2022
Biden's presidency is going as badly as anyone should have expected Orange County Register August 22, 2022
The Electric Car Snow Job Real Clear Policy August 22, 2022
Twitter Fritters Away Its Credibility Issues & Insights August 16, 2022
Letter to the WSJ: New Price Controls Will Disincentivize Drug R&D Wall Street Journal August 10, 2022
Dubious findings about food from the 'Nutrition Researchers Guild' Genetic Literacy Project August 9, 2022
Viewpoint: Switching to organic food because it's healthier, safer and better for the environment? Think again. Genetic Literacy Project August 5, 2022
When Politics Is the Art of the IMpossible Real Clear Polilcy August 5, 2022
The United States' Use Of Nuclear Weapons 77 Years Ago Was A Moral And Strategic Imperative Issues & Insights August 4, 2022
In the wake of Biden's COVID-19 infection, here's what regulators should do to limit Paxlovid rebound Genetic Literacy Project August 2, 2022
Politicians Are Like Bacteria: They'll Do Anything to Survive. American Council on Science & Health August 1, 2022
Bad Piled on Bad City Journal July 27, 2022
As Biden's COVID Symptoms Multiply, So Do The Lies About His Condition Issues & Insights July 24, 2022
When do politicians sometimes act like bacteria? When it comes to enacting necessary but politically risky policies to control the latest COVID surge Genetic Literacy Project July 19, 2022
Congress: To prevent addiction, empower physicians and patients to choose non-opioids The Hill July 18, 2022
Progressives' Carpet Bombing Of America Issues & Insights July 18, 2022
When it Comes to Food Safety, 'Organic' Can Be a Risky Business Real Clear Science July 18, 2022
The Search For A New MIT President: The Key Considerations Issues & Insights July 13, 2022
Why Paxlovid is far more effective than media coverage and some skeptics suggest Genetic Literacy Project July 12, 2022
The FDA Is Blocking Game-Changing New Drugs For Kidney Disease Issues & Insights July 1, 2022
Activists' Ideological War On Energy Issues & Insights June 24, 2022
We Need Both High- and Low-Tech Approaches to the Shortage of Organs for Transplantation Real Clear Health June 16, 2022
India's GM Crops Regulation Should Be Based on a Gene's Function, Not Its Source The Wire (India) June 15, 2022
What Is 'Paxlovid Rebound,' And Should It Concern Us? Issues & Insights June 14, 2022
Why this is no time to ease up on efforts to contain COVID-19 Genetic Literacy Project June 7, 2022
Is Public Input On Science And Technology Policy Worthwhile? Issues & Insights June 6, 2022
Reversing DEI The American Mind May 12, 2022
Public trust, safety, and genetic engineering Genetic Literacy Project May 10, 2022
The U.S. Should Not Be Funding The WHO Follies Issues & Insights May 4, 2022
When social media moderation becomes censorship Washington Examiner May 4, 2022
Woke MIT realizes it has to reintroduce standardized tests Washington Examiner April 26, 2022
Earth Day Has Become Polluted by Political Correctness and Ignorance Issues & Insights April 19, 2022
Holding WHO Accountable City Journal April 18, 2022
What are acetogens? And how could synthetic biology turn oil, coal and other fossil fuels into green, carbon-negative chemicals? Genetic Literacy Project April 12, 2022
America's Reliance on China Could Result in Ukraine-Like Drug Shortages Issues & Insights April 12, 2022
Green factories could help industrial manufacturing reach zero carbon emissions. Or even lower. European Scientist April 5, 2022
Why I Got a Second Covid Vaccine Booster Wall Street Journal April 4, 2022
Javelin missiles: Thank DARPA for Ukraine's success against Russian tanks Big Think March 30, 2022
Does organic farming best address climate change? Why the popular consensus is wrong. Genetic Literacy Project March 23, 2022
Diversity Smokescreen City Journal March 21, 2022
Biden's 'Test to Treat' COVID Plan: Good Sound Bite, Bad Policy Issues & Insights March 18, 2022
Europe's Alternative Reality for Reducing Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions European Scientist March 8, 2022
Study Echinacea on Your Own Dime City Journal March 7, 2022
Biden's Half-Baked Covid Treatment Plan Wall Street Journal March 3, 2022
Feckless Feds Freeze Out Frost Fix Issues & Insights March 2, 2022
COVID-19's 'Unknown Unknowns' Should Worry Us American Council on Science & Health February 28, 2022
The curse of 'Coddling Syndrome' Washington Examiner February 27, 2022
What science says about the future of COVID-19 Genetic Literacy Project February 15, 2022
The FDA Needs Reform – Biden's Nominee Is Not the Person to Do It Issues & Insights February 14, 2022
When Will COVID-19 Become 'Endemic'? Issues & Insights February 7, 2022
The Wrong Solutions City Journal February 1, 2022
Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria Are the Latest Genetic Engineering Breakthrough European Scientist February 1, 2022
'Superimmunity,' Maybe, but Covid Risks Remain Wall Street Journal January 31, 2022
What Science and History Tell Us About the Future of COVID-19 Washington Examiner January 30, 2022
Canada poised to join expanding number of countries endorsing crop gene editing. That's encouraging — but global reform remains elusive. Genetic Literacy Project January 27, 2022
Green Utopia. Not. Issues & Insights January 20, 2022
It's time for school 'anti-giving' campaigns Washington Examiner January 12, 2022
'The bioengineered food label is not expected to have any benefits to human health or the environment' Genetic Literacy Project January 10, 2022
The FDA needs reform. Biden's nominee is not the person to do it. Washington Examiner December 29, 2021
Weapons Against Covid Need a Presidential Boost City Journal December 24, 2021
Regulation of Genetic Engineering Must Be Scientific and Risk Based. No Compromises. Human Events December 21, 2021
Avoiding the shot makes no sense Washington Examiner December 20, 2021
Math for Demmies Issues & Insights December 20, 2021
En-ROADS: A powerful, interactive climate model for predicting temperature rise Big Think December 16, 2021
Climate-fighting agricultural tools are delivering enormous benefits Genetic Literacy Project December 14, 2021
Finally, Another Weapon Against Covid City Journal December 13, 2021
Merit vs Wokeness: Universities Must Choose Human Events December 2, 2021
The FDA Needs to Join the Twenty-First Century The National Interest November 23, 2021
My prescription for a COVID-free 2022 Washington Examiner November 23, 2021
Are rapid-result antigen tests an unappreciated long-range tool to tame COVID? Genetic Literacy Project November 16, 2021
Nuclear Power Is The Only Viable Solution To Climate Change Issues & Insights November 12, 2021
How did Sri Lanka's organic-only debacle begin? Simple — 'uninformed, flawed decisions based on wishful thinking' Genetic Literacy Project November 11, 2021
Can 'Fixing Food' fix food regulation? Washington Examiner November 11, 2021
It's Time for a Nuclear Renaissance Big Think November 10, 2021
Goodbye, MIT City Journal November 5, 2021
The Adoption of Organic Agriculture by Sri Lanka Was a Debacle. (Others, take note.) European Scientist November 5, 2021
Nuclear Power Is the Best Climate-Change Solution by Far Wall Street Journal November 4, 2021
Where Does Language Vandalism Stop? Washington Examiner October 28, 2021
Don't Be Seduced By The 'Billionaires Tax' Issues & Insights October 28, 2021
'Silent Earth' raises false alarm about non-existent 'insect apocalypse' Genetic Literacy Project October 20, 2021
Regulators blow the rapid antigen test opportunity Washington Examiner October 19, 2021
To Prevent a 'Twindemic', Flu Vaccination Is More Important than Ever This Year American Council on Science & Health October 15, 2021
After years of misreporting, NY Times embraces safety and efficacy of GMOs — but still stumbles on nuance and key facts Genetic Literacy Project October 13, 2021
New COVID-19 drug and diagnostics could be a game-changer Washington Examiner October 12, 2021
The Dire Implications Of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Issues & Insights October 11, 2021
'Silent Earth' is long on bias, short on science Washington Examiner October 9, 2021
Regulators Kept a Fish Treading Water for Years Regulation October 5, 2021
Will the Biden administration 'follow the science' on regulatory reform? Nature Biotechnology October 1, 2021
Biden's Dishonesty And Dementia Are Causing Problems For Him – And The Nation Issues & Insights September 30, 2021
Flu vaccination is more important than ever this year Washington Examiner September 28, 2021
High-tech production of organs for transplantation is our future Big Think September 21, 2021
Biden's Drug Price-Control Initiatives: What's Possible Issues & Insights September 21, 2021
Is the New York Times Finally 'Learning To Love GMOs'? Human Events September 20, 2021
A Medical Degree Isn't a License to Spout Off Wall Street Journal September 16, 2021
COVID vaccine and mask guidance confusion? Genetic Literacy Project September 14, 2021
Despite Widespread Vaccine Availability, America Is Battling A COVID Surge. Here's Why. American Council on Science & Health September 14, 2021
Dermatology Is More Than Skin Deep American Council on Science & Health September 8, 2021
Let's stop the fear mongering in food labeling Genetic Literacy Project September 7, 2021
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