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Russia is waging a shadowy disinformation war against the United States and its allies
Its targets include not only politics but also medical and other critical technologies

February 20, 2024  •  Genetic Literacy Project

Russia's decades-old propaganda machine seeks to damage the health and prosperity of the country's adversaries. Ukraine and the United States are tops on their list of targets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his administration's political strategists to use social media and fake news articles to try to create divisions within Ukrainian society, according to a trove of Kremlin documents obtained by a European intelligence service and reviewed and reported on by the Washington Post. The Russian propagandists focused on messages that would destabilize Ukraine by fomenting or exaggerating divisions within the country's leadership, efforts that Moscow calls "information psychological operations."

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DEI Overpromised, Under Delivered, Ran Amok
It is time to return to the basic values of merit, achievement, and the vigorous pursuit of non-discrimination of any kind

February 14, 2024  •  Issues & Insights

The concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has been in the ascendancy for nearly a decade. The movement is an outgrowth and expansion of affirmative action, whose intention was to proactively promote opportunity for racial and ethnic minorities that were perceived to be historically disadvantaged. But as awareness that Affirmative Action had evolved into applying "good" discrimination to cure past "bad" discrimination, support for it waned, culminating in its virtual elimination by the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard.

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FAA's Diversity Push Will Impair Efficiency and Endanger Public Safety
Should Paranoid Schizophrenics Be Air-Traffic Controllers?

February 13, 2024  •  Inside Sources

Some people never learn from others' mistakes. Or maybe they let their ideological zeal overwhelm sound judgement. Either way, discrimination in hiring, promotion, and college admissions under the rubric of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has run amok, and its shortcomings are obvious.

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Are We On The Cusp Of Historic Medical Technologies? (Part 2)
Important medical advances are on the horizon. Some of them are discussed here.

February 13, 2024  •  American Council on Science & Health

Part 1 discussed some of the advances already in existence. Here are my guesses about some medical breakthroughs that are imminent.

New antibiotics to treat antibiotic-resistant infections

Antibiotics have been with us for more than a century, but the miracles of the modern antibiotic era are usually considered to date from the availability of highly purified penicillin in the 1940s. Microorganisms are crafty, however, and they have developed many mechanisms to defeat the drugs designed to kill them. That means they can continue to grow and damage their host. Resistant infections can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to treat.

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The Promise Of 'Universal' COVID Vaccines
To get them, we will need government-funded basic science in universities and the collaboration of drug companies experienced in vaccine R&D

February 8, 2024  •  American Council on Science & Health

We have learned a lot about the SARS-CoV-2 virus during the four years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the virus replicates its RNA and mutates in every infection, its spike proteins keep changing. Thus, by the time a vaccine targeting a specific spike protein becomes available, a new variant of the virus with a new spike protein emerges that might be more transmissible and/or cause more severe disease.

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