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The Future of America's Energy Transition
Will it be nuclear?

April 16, 2024  •  Wall Street Journal

Letter to the editor

Your editorial "Biden's Green-Energy Price Shock" (April 12) is correct in pointing out the monumental costs and fallacies of the Biden administration's green agenda. A critical element, however, is missing: the need for nuclear power to supplant the emphasis on renewables, so many aspects of which are unworkable that they make conventional green aspirations a fantasy.

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Got Healthy Bones? A New Test Can Answer That!
BoneScore uses a technology called microindentation to evaluate the health of bone tissue directly and safely

April 12, 2024  •  DC Journal (Inside Sources)

Bone fractures are the bane of people with unhealthy or fragile bones. That is especially true for the elderly, for whom a fracture that occurs spontaneously or as the result of a fall or other trauma can be life-threatening. However, it has been difficult for healthcare providers to measure bone health accurately. With the advent of an ingenious, game-changing technology called microindentation, that has changed.

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A groundbreaking pineapple-flavored spray vaccine could prevent urinary tract infections for up to 9 years
The vaccine both provides an effective treatment option for women who have been suffering and addresses the problem of overuse of antibiotics

April 10, 2024  •  Genetic Literacy Project

A breakthrough almost decade-long study of a spray vaccine offers promise for hundreds of millions of women who suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs) over their lifetimes.

The vaccine, developed by Immunotek, a Spain-based pharmaceutical company, has been approved for use in two countries, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, and is under review for approval in Canada. It is also available under special-access conditions in 26 countries, but not the US.

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Should Med Schools Strive to Produce Competent Physicians or Social Activists?
Emphasizing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) as criteria for admissions is a prescription for disaster.

April 9, 2024  •  American Council on Science & Health

The late politician and sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase "defining deviancy down" to describe the tendency of societies to respond to destructive behaviors by lowering standards for what is permissible. Texas physician Dr. Yakov Gizersky described a lamentable example of this in a letter to the Wall Street Journal, expressing his surprise at the influence of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives on medical school admissions.

He related that he had recently become aware of how "politicized the selection and training of ...future physicians has become" while his son was applying to medical schools. Dr. Gizersky described his epiphany thusly:

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Biden's Electric Vehicle Taxpayer Rip-Off
Extravagant spending that accomplishes virtually nothing is an affront to taxpayers and should be top of mind when we elect policymakers

April 9, 2024  •  Washington Examiner

Recent vehicle emissions regulations issued by the Biden administration have, by its own admission, put into place restrictions designed to force the proportion of electric vehicles to 50% of new sales by 2030. But it won't work, and in any case, it's an unworthy goal.

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