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Twitter Fritters Away Its Credibility
Chairman Mao, Meet Social Media

August 16, 2022  •  Issues & Insights

I participate relatively little on social media. I am on Twitter, mainly to boost exposure of my articles, which focus primarily on scientific or medical subjects. Recently, I tweeted about an exciting new approach to creating coronavirus vaccines to protect against, among other viruses, new variants of SARS-CoV-2 (which cause COVID-19). As explained below, that's when my bizarre clash with Twitter began.

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Letter to the WSJ: New Price Controls Will Disincentivize Drug R&D
'SchumerCare' will harm patients in the long run

August 10, 2022  •  Wall Street Journal

"SchumerCare" would empower federal officials to, in effect, dictate drug prices. This would create potent new disincentives to drug research and development ("SchumerCare and Cancer Patients," Review & Outlook, Aug. 4). Millions of Americans need access to medications, but this legislation could prevent the next generation of breakthroughs from becoming available.

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Dubious findings about food from the 'Nutrition Researchers Guild'
How can we learn from this unscientific manipulation of statistics?

August 9, 2022  •  Genetic Literacy Project

Are you confused about conflicting "research" findings on certain foods' effects on our health? It would hardly be surprising. First, butter is the enemy; then, it's solid margarine. Is caffeine good or bad for your heart? For a time, beta-carotene supplements are thought to prevent cancer — until they are found to increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers. And finally, does a woman's diet at conception determine the sex of her fetus?

When you do a deep dive into the methodology of studies that produced such conclusions, it's not surprising that they're inconsistent or implausible.

Let's consider who performs such research.

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Viewpoint: Switching to organic food because it's healthier, safer and better for the environment? Think again.
'Organic' is one of the great hoaxes of all time

August 5, 2022  •  Genetic Literacy Project

Many consumers are committed to organic products for reasons that are more emotional than logical. They frequently define their purchasing choices in terms of what they consider to be "wholesome and natural," which often translates to the absence of "synthetic" inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides. For some, the prohibition on "genetically modified" crops (however they might be defined) is another consideration. Sometimes, they assume that in some vague way, organic agricultural practices are better for the planet.

In short, on their dinner table they want something like the farm of the idealized "Old McDonald" children's tune that many of us grew up with. The reality is very different.

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When Politics Is the Art of the IMpossible
The climate change part of the inflation reduction bill is a $369 billion boondoggle

August 5, 2022  •  Real Clear Polilcy

By agreeing to support a massive bill to address climate change, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) seems to have fallen into the same Alice in Wonderland-like rabbit hole occupied by the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). In this fantasyland, headlines and virtue signaling are the only objectives. Reality is not allowed to intrude. Facts are irrelevant. Mankind's unquenchable thirst for energy to achieve a higher standard of living does not exist. Nor does the aggressive push we need on nuclear energy, despite its criticality.

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